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    KDS Micronex

    KDS Micronex

    The KDS Micronex is an extreme velocity impact mill that transforms a wide range of biomass ( wood and agricultural waste) into fine dry powder with excellent combustion characteristics, in a single process step without external heat being applied.

    The KDS produces an Innovative Bio-Fuel Technology!

    Advantages of the KDS
    Increased efficiency and lower costs than conventional biomass power plants.
    Reduces and or eliminates disposal costs for your process wastes.
    Reduces overall grinding and drying cost.
    Produces uniform small particle size material suitable for use in numerous value added products.
    Reduces waste product odors by drying efficiently.
    Produces nearly 100% pathogen free, dry powders
    Improves the shelf life of byproducts.
    Reduces or eliminates the need for air emissions controls on your biomass drying equipment.
    Applications include: biofuels, fertilizers, animal feed, mineral processing etc.

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