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Over-band magnets

Over-band magnets

Overband Magnets

Material on the conveyor passes underneath the overband magnet. Ferrous metal is attracted to its surface allowing the 'cleaned' product to continue along the conveyor as normal. The overband magnet has a continuously moving belt which wipes its surface clean of the attracted ferrous metal which is then discharged from the overband.
There are two possible positions for the overband magnet:
Crossbelt - which tends to be the most common. The overband is suspended across the conveyor. Ferrous metal is extracted and discharges to the side of the conveyor.
In-line over the head pulley - The overband is positioned over the head pulley of the conveyor (must be non-magnetic) and runs in the same direction as the conveyor. Ferrous metal is extracted and discharged further forward than the normal trajectory of the conveyor.

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